Home Plans

The Yurt People

Vital Designs has licensed California Yurts exclusively to offer these designs under contract with our clients throughout California for code-approved Engineered homes systems that meet or exceed energy and urban wildfire requirements for sustainability and quality made from earth-friendly materials.  We offer zero impact  LEED systems as well.

Our most popular homes are displayed here. Getting the most functional space for your dollar is the main concern since the price is determined on a square Ft. basis.

 The 3 Steps

  1. We manufacture the off-site components for $110  per square Ft. 
  2. Plan documents, permit fees, engineering, delivery, foundation installed thru the "Dry in" of our homes is estimated at an additional  $25 per Square Ft. 
  3. To Plumb and wire and finish our homes with our contractors working with you through the completion estimates at an additional $65 per Square Ft. for a total estimated installed home at $240 to $320 per square ft. The smaller home cost per square ft., can be higher per ft. and the larger home can cost less per Square Ft. $240 is for the average mid-size 1,000 square ft. home. We can customize any of these plans to meet your requirements.

Finished homes installed starting at  $73,500 to $553,000 at $240 per Square Ft.  Sloped, engineered sites add an additional Square Ft. cost starting at $320 per Sq.ft.

"Having a fine home can be a  matter of status, of expense and extravagance, or it can be a mean, having the best house for you and your needs, a home that you design and build, a home that is fine because it is simply just right."

“There’s no particular beauty in a round building - if the proportions aren’t right. The aesthetics and proportion are important factors for me. Some builders can just throw up a round building and be happy with it, but I can’t. The proportion has to be just right."

“Imagine what would happen if three hundred million people were concerned with building a better world! This would be a social revolution, such as has never been conceived. The key difference would be people coming to the realization that it is their world: that it can be changed, that they can, should, and must have a role in redesigning the world.”

David and Bill
- Bill Coperthwaite Author, Yurt builder Imagineer, teacher, and my mentor
A Handmade Life, Yurt Foundation

David and Bill  in Northern California treehouse workshop