California Round House Yurt Walkthrough

Tiny House Yurt Nomad 2

Yurt Homes Video with David’s instrumental 

Mission School
Mission School cluster of 17 yurts near airport in Cabo

Three Story Villa
Three Story Villa in Baja with decks cement plaster exteriors that withstood last year's category 5 hurricane.

Pink Tower Garage
Green Subdivision in Hopland tower village engineered for flood plane flow thru under garages when 100 year flood came thru overflowing the Russian River in 1986

Large Main Room

you dont live in a square world

From the ancient wisdom of the Mongolian culture to the Americas.

Be a part of the transformation from “GER” to the modern day permanent Yurt.

Green Sustainable Modern Day Yurt Housing

Round house grass roof

Small Round house
Model Home Nomad 2 - 300 sq. ft. mini home with a full-sized wallbed, desk multi-room, full bath and kitchen installed on your lot starting at $65,000 in 2016

Light Color House
Model Home Nomad 3 - 485 sq.ft. mini home with bedroom and Loft installed on your lot starting at $135,000 in 2016

These affordable code engineered homes include appliances, Bamboo floors, fire resistant exteriors and decks with 40 year Class A fire-resistant Roofing, Gas hot water and gas heat. These two models can be seen in Ukiah at our Factory home offices on an appointment basis. We require you to have property and have funds to build. Call for an appointment at:
707 319-3267 or 707 744-1611

Man sitting at a pianoPiano Studio Sonoma

Two story houseEarth Plaster code Home in Pt.
Arena, CA

VineyardNautilus in Vineyard

Wall Street Journal ArticleWall Street Journal Article Gimme
Shelter featuring the California Yurt

Redwood Back Fire ResistantRedwood Back fire resistant siding
on Yurt with bathroom wing

Solar off grid organic farm campSolar off grid organic farm camp

Esalen Staff housing YurtsEsalen staff housing yurts in Big
Sur, CA

Redwood Back fire resistant Bathroom wingRedwood Back fire resistant siding
on Yurt with bathroom wing

Solar off Grid home Solar off Grid home in Sonoma

28’ Yurt with 12’ wing bedroom and 2 baths.laundry with interconnect entry to 15’ master bedroom and wrap around deck with hot tub and gas fireplace.

Gray House

Open Concept

DeckBuild Team

Nomad 4 - 825 Sq.Ft. 2 bedroom ,great room with full kitchen and full bath and clerestory windows in great room. Installed on your lot starting at $220,000

Deck shield steel panels, Tempered window, vent less insulated eaves, baffle foundation vents prevent wild fires from entering under or through your home.

Our Cluster Custom Homes vary in size. This one below was recently completed in Navarro California and is 1,265 square ft. and was built with many custom features, heated bathroom floors, gas fireplace, large wrap around decks, clearstory high ceilings, granite counter tops, bamboo and tile floors for under $340 per square Ft.

Nomad Writing Studio
15’ writing studio in Palo Alto in the backyard 

Art Studio41’ art guild studio in Vavcaville CA.

Baries on Deck
Pacific Yurt Owners on their porch in Cottage Grove Oregon with their wood framed code concentric yurt built over 30 years ago 

Allen by Yurt
Pacific yurt owner Allen Baire on way to work at his portable yurt company

3 Story 1 StoryHillside 3 story to 1  story yurt home in Mendocino

Party Tower
Pool house party tower with dive ramp, hot tub and party room upstairs in Sonoma

Tiny House Yurt Nomad

15’ Nomad video in downtown Ukiah, CA. 

1,300’Sq,Ft. yurt home 2 bedroom, 1 bath walk thru video

Gaines Cluster

26’ with bedroom wing to 15’ yurt 2 bedroom home

Fire resistant engineered home in Humbolt

18' Tower
18’ Tower in backyard 

Medium Tower
13’ tower mini home

Yurt Farm
Yurt Farm camp crafts pavillian

Interior of 755’ Nomad 4
Interior of 755’ Nomad 4 two bedroom 1 bath with loft 

Interior of Our 21’ Bedroom 16 Sided
Interior of our 21’ bedroom 16 sided

28 Dining Kitchen Living Family Room
28’ Dining Kitchen Living Family room

Wine Tasting Room
Wine Tasting Room and caretaker yurt in Napa

Multi Radius Tower
26’/46’ Multi Radius tower duplex yurt on Kaui  that withstood Hurricane INIKI with winds over 180 MPH  Cat 5

Townhouse home of an attorney in Ukiah California

Fold Down Wall Bed
Fold down wall bed in 23’ yurt multiform office/ bedroom


Backyard Retreat Office
Backyard retreat office space in Los Angeles

Yert Next to Tree

Uphill with Ramp

Rocky Creek
Rocky Creek family retreat complex  in Anderson Valley Ca.

Display Model Yurt
Mini home yurt on display at Sydney Home show

Cozy Bedroom Inside Yurt
21’ yurt  upper bedroom with wainscotting

New Deck
21’ Office and deck to 36’ Music Room at a School in Sonoma County with handi cap ramp not shown

Family Yurt
Off grid yurt home with water collection from metal roof 

Hopeland, CA
Yurt Subdivision with Solar living center in Hopland California

Low Impact Yurt
Low impact yurt in sensitive habitat  near river with grass under

Yurt Home
Yurt Home with 3 car garage under vineyard in Potter Valley CA.

Home Interior
Interiors of home above

Dining Nook

Multi Radius 2 Bedroom
755 Sq.Ft. Nautilus with 2 bedrooms 21’/31’/41'

Retreat Facility Yurt
Julian Episcopal Center built to new fire codes in San Diego County. Duplex staff housing and faculty yurt

Kitchen in Raitt Yurt
28’ Yurt dining area looking into 12’ wing living room

Interior of Comen Home
26’ Tower with Kitchen under office loft in Ft. Bragg CA.

Hillside Home
26’ Tower, wing bedrooms on hill, cement plaster exterior

Yurt in Vineyard
31’ yurt with 12’ wings on vineyard in Potter Valley

California Yurts in Japan
California Yurts  Japan duplex twin homes and studio

Yurt Home
840’Sq.Ft. 1 bedroom vacation home with garage under
Fire resistant Hardi panel siding with ventles eaves.

5 Bedroom Solar Home Cluster
Solar grid tie 5 bedroom home cluster in Talmage CA.

First Phase Home
26’ first phase home with interconnect awaiting 2 tory 1’ tower with fire resistant exterior and Fire shield deck perimeter.

Woman Standing in Front of Yurt
26’ with wrap around 12’ wings as a tasting room

People in Sauna

Beautiful Yurt Tower

Below View of Yurt

Yurt Class Room

Great Room Under Skylight
28’ great room under 6’ skylight

Oakland Yurt
13’ 8 sided code built  yurt in Oakland where no permit required id under 120 Sq.Ft. 

Yurt Sales Office
15’ Yurt sales office with sun from skylight on wall Ad

Oregon Yurt Home
Oregon yurt home in the suburbs

Home Yurt Cluster
Mandala home in B.C. 

Yurtworks Home in Australia
Gaulburn Yurtworks Home near Beach in Kiam NSW Australia

35 Year Old Yurt
28’ yurt interior 35 years old

Yurt Village
Tarua Yurt Village near Mt.Ruapao in New Zealand 

Nook Corridor Kitchen
Kitchen alcove off main 26’ yurt

Nomad Three
Nomad 3 Model home in Ukah with Earth Plaster exterior 

Skylight Ceiling
Skylight ceilig in 15‘ Yurt 

26’yurt with spiral to loft next to wood stove

13’ Meditation Yurt in Redwood Valley CA.

15’ Yurt interior Pacific Palisades

Mini kitchen with formed in place concrete counter top and earth plaster wall finish

Cherry Cabinets and Island

Spiral Stairs
26’ tower with stir to loft over kitchen

8 sided 15 ’bedroom  nomad 4

Baja Owners Unit
Nomad 4 Bedroom Left Kitchen/bathroom right dining and hangout middle front

Nomad Kitchen
8 sided kitchen  15’ Nomad 4 

Multi Room Setup
26’ multi room 10 sided 8’ wide walls with kitchen that opens onto main room and bathroom and storage behind doors 

1 of 6 Units for Work Scholars
16’ with 4- 7’ wings at Esalen institute 1- of 6 units for work scholars in Big Sur California with wrap around decks 

Multi Room 10 Sides
Multi room 26’10 sided yurt with 3’ extensions behind door, kitchen, bathroom, closets that open onto the great room 

Vacation Home in New Zealand
31/41  multi Raduis 1,000 square ft, 2 bedroom vacation house in New Zealand Ski Village

Interior of Nautilus Yurt
Multi Raduis 21/31/41/ 755Sq.Ft.  2 bedroom Nautilus roof from grat room into kitchen with lofr above

Yurt Bedroom Open Walk Behind Bed Closet
21’ Yurt bedroom with open walk behind bed closest

Kitchen Under Loft
Kitchen under loft to dining table in 26’ yurt cluster
Yurt panel install on interconnect towers 

Stacking Roof Panels at Factory
Stacked Roof Panels at Factory 

Nomad 2
Nomad 2 in Occidental

Fire resistant Home with interior sprinklers standard

Fire Sprinkler
Fire Sprinkler in ceiling


Kitchen Under Loft
Kitchen under loft to dining table in 26’ yurt cluster
Yurt panel install on interconnect towers 

Stacking Roof Panels at Factory
Stacked Roof Panels at Factory 

Nomad 2
Nomad 2 in Occidental

Pinelli Tower
Completed in 2014 Fire resistant 4 bedroom tower home in Willitswith Class A fireproof 40 year roofing.

Man Standing in Greenhouse



Yurt Kitchen
Large open multi room living

Main House
Small and intimate yet open and roomy!

Yurt Living Room

Living Room with Couches

Crafts in Yurt
15' Nomad Series Slant or Vertical Studios  

Lois Enjoying Her Yurt

Yurt Surrounded by Palm Trees

Yurt in Mill Creek
Nautilus Series Mid Size Homes with Wings

Children Standing Outside of Yurt
Sod roof with decks and sunkin hot tub

Raitt Sod Roof

Aussie Yurt Retreat
Outback off grid solar home with metal roof water collection

Carlson Yurt Nearing Completion
Deck shield, ventless roof, fire resistant siding

Solar Yurt Village
Green Sub Division 3 bedroom towers

Yurt with Shingle Walls
41’  3Bd.2 bath tower with 4 car garage under

Yurt Components Shop

Construction Inside of Yurt
During Construction

Living Room Yurt
Several Weeks later Finished

Annie and David
In memory of the late Annie Raitt. Bay Raitt at 4 (now 40) and David Raitt in 1979 at their original creekside office in Talmage, California in Mendocino County.

Yurt Book Cover hard bound with DVD inside back cover due out soon!  "California Round House" click on Yurt Book in menu to review and read draft.