California Yurts inc. home

31 living ,dining

                     31’ yurt interior in Mendocino 

IMG 2181

         26’ with bedroom wing to 15’ yurt 2 bedroom home 

Aussie fair display copy

        Home yurt on dispaly at Sydney Home show 

21'Yurt Bedroom

        21’ Yurt  upper Bedroom with wainscotting 

int,multi room 2

10 sided 26’ Multi room Studio in Sonoma 


   21’ Office and deck to 36’ Music Room at a School in Sonoma County with handi cap ramp not shown 

Retreat Facility

  Yurt Homes Video displaying over 100 yurt photos 

int.thru wall  raitt's

28’ Yurt dining area looking into 12’ wing living room 

tower interior Comen copy (1)

      26’ Tower with Kitchen under office loft  in Ft. Bragg Ca.

26' hillside home :garden

  26’ Tower with wing bedrooms on hill  with cement plaster exterior

yurt in vineyard

31’ Yurt with 12’ wings on Vineyard in potter Valley 

jhouse (1)

  California Yurts  Japan Duplex twin homes and studio 

1,300’Sq,Ft. yurt home 2 bedroom ,i bath walk thru video

Home Away Shelter Cove

   840’Sq.Ft. 1 bedroom vacation home with garage under 

5 bedroom solar home cluster

       Solar grid tie 5 bedroom home cluster in Talmage Ca.

26’ first phase home with interconnect awaiting 2 tory 1’ tower 











IMG 8652

In memory of the late Annie Raitt, and Bay Raitt (now 40) and David Raitt in 1977 at their original creekside office in Talmage, California in Mendocino County.

“People are very much affected by these structures, whether they are modern Americans or an indigenous person on the steppes of Central Asia.  There’s the primordial and spiritual and community appeal of living in a round structure, with its connection to our ancient roots.  There’s also the quality of the space itself. With its embracing walls and its open-at-the-top architecture, it is both a protective and soothing space and a symbol of the metaphysical quality of being open and receptive to what life has to bring you.  The yurt has a very positive impact on the people who come into contact with it”     -  Annie Raitt     Due out soon !

                                 Stay Tuned