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Dear Folks……

  1. To move into the next phase we require a $2,500 advance.  This assures your position in our 2018/19 building season.  Our year is filling up.  Please contact us and request our  Design Receipt Contract.  You return Mail  2  signed originals with a check for $2,500 and mail to 2101 Wellmar drive Ukiah C.95482. We will then sign and return mail your original or call for an appointment and we can meet in person.
  2. We then schedule a 2 hour plus meeting at our home office and model home in Ukiah and co-design a budget and configuration to meet your expectations.   During this initial meeting and follow up emails we develop together a design that fits your particular conditions and budget. We discuss your design options and talk about your site.  Permits, access, in-ground  utilities (water, power, septic, gas, phone, etc.) You can pay the advance and sign the agreement then or sleep on it and sign & mail us the check or call for Wells Fargo Account for a direct deposit.  Call David on cell at (707)319-3267
  3. We then draft up a proposal with a floor plan and elevation and budget. This budget includes a detailed weekly estimate as well as a bid from our shop to build your components as well as an estimate for your installation at a time and material plus 20% basis.   You sign this proposal. Then we are ready to proceed.
  4. The signed proposal and floor plan then head off to Brian Manning (707) 744-1611 to complete the structural drawing and construction documents estimated starting at $7.00 per ft. pending on the scope. More for smaller projects per Sq.Ft. and ready to send to the engineer.  For homes, this building plan is on an estimated basis. Commercial applications cost more.   Print costs for blueprints, site visits, mailings, as well as sloped site Geo-Tech engineering, soils reports, if required, are charged as additional. Sq.Ft. estimate available after a $300 site Evaluation done by Brian to see the site and meet and greet.
  5. Your completed plans then head off to our structural engineer who then runs calculations on wind and roof loads as well as earthquake and foundation engineering. Generally, this is on a bid basis. Smaller yurts cost $400 and the larger yurts up to $ 1,100 or $1.00 per square ft. can run from $700 to $2,500 for the larger homes and more for commercial projects. Hillside applications with retaining walls and drainage cost up to $20,000 and up for the engineering and special inspections during construction.
  6. Your title 24 California Energy Calculations are then drawn up by Allen Witzell describing your insulation and heating and or air conditioning, window directional orientations with overhangs to match your climate zone requirements. He charges $ 400 per plan. Your Green energy plan and inspection forms are created for the client and the building department which is required under the new code. Your CDF fire plan, as well as your engineered sprinkler plan, is also a requirement before you can get your permit. Some sites require a Historical review, a coastal review and permit approval and C.C.and R’s on existing sub-divisions you may have bought into. Brian coordinates and facilitates all of this on contract with you on an hourly basis until completed. You, of course, can save costs by working with Brian and doing some of the legwork under his expert guidance.“Brian is the most capable, that is great to work within this field and comes highly recommended. We have never been denied a permit in the 30 years submitting our plans for approval in California.” - David Raitt Vital Designs
  7. You then pay California Yurts a 60% deposit less your $2,500 advance to start our 6 weeks prefab of your components.
  8. Four weeks later you pay your 40% balance and we schedule and load out and deliver your yurt.
  9. The on-site work is billed weekly at a time and material basis plus 20% from our contractors. We require our crews to erect the structure on a foundation and thru roofing and structural framing inspection. You can after that point hire us weekly as long as needed.
  10. For non-permit applications omit items # 4,5, and 6 from above. Yurts under 200 Square feet in most counties do not require permits. under 120 Sq.Ft which is our 13’there are no permits required throughout the State.

Brian Manning

I look forward to staring this process…
Yurts, David
Please Contact me by Email:
Voice/Fax: (707) 468-0876 Cell: (707) 319-3267

Our office and Factory with models on display is located at:
2101 Wellmar Drive Ukiah, California 95482

Pricing Explained

Owner Builder Installs using 2015/16 Pricing as an Example
Off-Site Components - $105 Sq.FT
Install on code foundation thru “Dry-In” - $45 Sq.Ft.
Owner Builder finish allowance - $45 Sq.Ft.
Without seeing your site estimated - $195 Sq.FT
Contractor Installation “Turn Key” - Est. $300 Sq.Ft.

Our Designs

ShopRange from the affordable 294 Sq.Ft. Mini Studio to 3,6000 Sq.Ft cluster 5 bedroom home with tower and Greenhouse and garage with wrap around decks.
For Prices on 41’ 46’ 51’ 61’ 81’ and Multi-Radius and Cluster designs call for an appointment.

707 319-3267

Estimated owner assisted install prices are for Mendocino County on flat sites.

Our price list’s intention is to promote questions to be answered rather than illusions imagined.

We do not sell kits. We install thru “dry in” often working with our clients as a minimal requirement. Each job is custom and the below estimates are based on past jobs, which include code approved perimeter foundation on level sites.

Current 2018 Prices for Our Custom Home Systems

2018 Price List