Grow Your Home

Grow Your Home in phases

Reasons for Phasing:

  • Build as you earn
  • Single now with partner and kids later
  • Build Guest house first
  • Get something up now until the home sells
  • Want to get a feel for the land over time
  • Learn the process for later phases

Whatever the reason this building system and design lends itself to this as a viable option.  Below are several examples of projects that are in phase or have completed this process.
First, buy land ..... Visualize your 1st phase ..... Build
Earn and Live a while  .....

Dream of  your many possibilities

Visualize your 2nd  phase .....

Build .... See what happens

Spread   out  over   time  cultivating

a  more stress-free lifestyle

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Growing your Yurt as many other Yurt People Do I like to build one year, enjoy the next and build the next year. as I am doing this with my Villa in Baja now going on 10 years with 5 winters, building and 5 winters enjoying the fruits of my labor. cheers, David

Build the 13’ yurt first on the right and then build the Nautilus later or in phases as you can afford.