Earth and Cement Plaster Homes

Optional Earth Plaster &  earth floors, straw bale

Use of  Earth plaster; both as an exterior, and as an interior finish, can save you money if you do it yourself.

The time involved with you and your friends can be both a wonderful, as well a rewarding experience, labor-intensive, yet rewarding and an affordable memorable experience.

To hire our contractors makes earth plaster a more expensive option.

We do provide a trained contractor to run your crew as an option to our crews doing it all.  We also can provide a pre-mix in bins or buckets and deliver to your site ready to go.

Our cement plaster, combined with a hand finish, is an option that combines the efficiency and durability of cement to save on the labor.  We use a  sprayer application and finish after the plaster and or stucco is shot on with a hand trowel.