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Villa Del Faro Interior

TV on Yurt Wall

A few Months Later David’s winter home in Baja www.vrbo217070 Villa Del Faro Baja
Nomad 2 292 S.q Ft. Mini Home with

  • Full wall bed deck
  • Full Bathroom
  • Full Kitchen / dish washer /large fridge
  • 50” Flatscreen
  • 6’ closet with loft above
  • Linene closet
  • Front Porch
  • Large windows and 3’ skylight
  • AC unit and Radiaent heater
  • 2- 300 watt enphase 110 solar on roof

6 weeks prefab and 4 Weeks install later ready to move. Call for an appointment

Small Sized Yurt

Yurt Room

Floor Framing
31’ to 18’ tower with wings installing this spring summer in Laytonville 2,250 Sq.Ft.
Week 3 prior to footings poured around anchor panel fire shield foundation panels and floor framing.

Blueprints for Yurt in Berkeley
Job installing this 750 Sq.Ft.  home this summer in Berkeley

18' Tower
Towers on either end of a house in Pleasanton
18’ Tower completed in 6 weeks on site